Thursday, July 16, 2015

The 2015 Annual Ohio Poetry Association Picnic Raffle

Here's another reason to come to the picnic and stay for afternoon: following the readings and open mic, there will be a raffle for lots of super items. Check it out!

           -       OPA memberships
            -      Poetry books galore including anthologies and 
              Common Threads issues 

And, the grand prize…

A framed watercolor painting by the wonderfully talented Wooster artist, Deb Grenert. You will recall that Grenert did the paintings used for the anthology cover and the past two Common Threads covers.This painting has not yet been used as a cover image. A special thanks goes to OPA member Sandy Feen who provided the framing. 

The Ohio Poetry Association annual picnic will be held on Saturday, July 18, from noon to 3 pm, at Jeffrey Park, Memorial Shelter, 1965 N. Parkview Ave., Bexley, Ohio 43209.

© The Ohio Poetry Association, 2015

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