Saturday, June 25, 2016

Columbus Foundation Grant Funding Continues for OPA

The OPA team is excited to report that for a fifth consecutive year, OPA has been awarded a grant from The Columbus Foundation (TCF) through its Community Arts Fund. This year’s award totals $1,826, which exceeds expectations by the OPA officers.

"Once again The Columbus Foundations has acknowledged the value of OPA to poets and artists throughout Ohio," said OPA President Chuck Salmons. "The Community Arts Fund has provided OPA with sustaining funds to help cover administrative costs so that our members’ annual dues and other revenue sources can be directed into workshops, readings, and other great opportunities."

The OPA first established a profile with TCF in 2010. The profile, part of the TCF PowerPhilanthropy program, is an effort to improve OPA’s ability to secure funding via charitable giving.

Since that time, the OPA officers have steadfastly sought other avenues of fundraising. Those interested in donating to OPA may do so via the TCF PowerPhilanthropy program website at Simply click the "Search PowerPhilanthropy" link and search "Ohio Poetry Association" to donate.

The OPA team is looking for volunteers to assist or even lead fundraising efforts. If you’d like to help out, email

The Ohio Poetry Association gratefully acknowledges The Columbus Foundation for its continued support.

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