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Columbus Foundation Grant Awarded to OPA

As reported in the most recent edition of Workshopping Our Words,  several months of hard work by the OPA team has paid off in the form of a Community Arts Fund grant from The Columbus Foundation (TCF). After painstakingly updating the OPA profile, submitting applications, and patiently awaiting a response, the Association was awarded a grant of $500 this past summer. These funds will be used to help produce the forthcoming OPA anthology. The OPA first established a profile with TCF two years ago under the guidance of then-OPA President Doug Rutledge. The profile is part of the TCF PowerPhilanthropy program and was originally established in an effort to improve OPA's ability to secure funding via charitable giving. The first success of these efforts was achieved last fall, when OPA raised over $700 during the TCF “The Big Give” campaign. Since that time, OPA officers have steadfastly sought other avenues of fundraising. Those interested in donating to OPA may do so at any ti