Friday, March 23, 2012

2012 Ohio Poetry Day Poet of the Year

In our 75th year, Ohio Poetry Day offers a competition for the Diamond Webb chapbook award in lieu of our usual Poet of the Year.

Open to Ohio natives or residents who have never been named Poet of the Year, the award is publication of a 36-page chapbook to be produced in time for Poetry Day, October 19–20. Manuscript must be submitted on standard 8½ x 11 paper, but the book will be printed in the usual 5½ x 8½ size, so be aware of format. Individual poems may have been previously published, but not the manuscript in its entirety, nor may it be under consideration elsewhere.

The award will consist of 75 books to the winner, a plaque as the Poet of the Year and an invitation to speak at the Ohio Poetry Day luncheon, as other Poets of the Year have done.

Manuscript must be sent with two title pages, one with no poet identification, the other with name, address, and phone number (e-mail will not help the submission process, though it may assist in publication of the winner). Pages should be numbered and a table of contents provided. Divider pages or illustrations must be included in the page count.

Postmark deadline is June 1, 2012, and manuscripts must be sent with $7.50 entry fee to:
Amy Jo Zook
3520 State Route 56
Mechanicsburg, OH 43044

Make check payable to Ohio Poetry Day, with "chapbook" in the memo line. All entrants will receive a copy of the winning book. Judge for the contest will be announced at Ohio Poetry Day.

2012 OPA Student Contest Winners

This year's high school winners are in, and they are an amazing set.

1. Whoppers, spons. by Springfield Writers Club:
1st - Griff Bludworth, Purcell Marian HS
2nd - Lou Suer, Purcell Marian HS
3rd - Mike Gilb, Purcell Marian HS
HM - Eloydia Garza, Ashley Billings, Benjamin Perlmutter, Faymiette Lee, Matthew Troemner – Sylvania Southview HS; Rachel Hunt, Megan Hustmyer, Dustin Joosten – Purcell Marian HS.

2. Fantasy, spons. by Catherine Callaghan:
1st - Mike Gilb, Purcell Marian HS
2nd - Griff Bludworth, Purcell Marian HS
3rd - Rachel Hunt, Purcell Marian HS
HM - Elijah Davis, Purcell Marian HS

3. Jailhouse Talk, spons by Laura Hilton Memorial Fund:
1st - Megan Hustmyer, Purcell Marian HS
2nd - Mike Gilb, Purcell Marian HS
3rd - Sheila Shahri, Sylvania Southview HS
HM - Brandon Sinram, Scott Gaither, Jessica Miksanek, Smitri Gupta, Niket Parikh, Mackenzie Pickering, & Faymiette Lee – Sylvania Southview HS; Cassandra Feher – Steubenville Catholic Central HS

4. Free Verse, spons. by Janeen Lepp:
1st - Michelle Ki, Sylvania Southview HS
2nd - Lou Suer, Purcell Marian HS
3rd - Emily Ann Addair, Briggs HS
HM - Ginny Gadzinski, Elizabeth Spidel, Sara Dye, & Taylor Turner – Lynchburg Clay; Rachel Hunt, Mike Gilb, Griff Bludworth, & Dustin Joosten – Purcell Marian; Mackenzie Pickering – Sylvania Southview HS

5. Nature, spons. by Bill Reyer:
1st - Dustin Joosten, Purcell Marian HS
2nd - Mike Gilb, Purcell Marian HS
3rd - Griff Bludworth, Purcell Marian HS
HM - Taylor Zaborski, Sylvania; Aaron Jakes, Sylvania

6. Brevity is the Soul of Wit, spons. by Mary Beth Benecke:
1st - Alexis Howard, Sylvania Southview HS
2nd - Ari Lopez, Sylvania Southview HS
3rd - Nadejda Mirochnitchenko, Sylvania Southview HS
HM - Kirsten Kueser & Sheila Shahri – Sylvania Southview HS; Brianna Ross, Purcell Marian HS

7. Formal Poetry, spons. by Scott & Sharon Mooney:
1st - Eloydia Garza, Sylvania Southview HS
2nd - Michael Siedlecki, Sylvania Southview HS
3rd - Griff Bludworth, Purcell Marian HS
HM - Mackenzie Pickering & Nadejda Mirochnitchenko – Sylvania Southview HS; Lou Suer – Purcell Marian HS

8. Open, spons. by David Francis Smith:
1st & Grand Prize - Erica Sallee, Briggs HS
2nd - Griff Bludworth Purcell Marian HS
3rd - Myrial Holbrook, Columbus School for Girls
HM - Brittany Spaeth – Lynchburg Clay HS; Clement Dupuy – Sylvania Southview HS; Mike Gilb & Rachel Hunt, Purcell Marian HS

Sunday, March 11, 2012

OPA National Poetry Month Publishing Workshop April 26th

Publishing Workshop
with M. Scott Douglass, Publisher
Main Street Rag

If you’ve ever wanted to publish a book or chapbook of poetry but felt completely overwhelmed by the thought of doing so, then the OPA has a must-attend event for you. To celebrate National Poetry Month this year, OPA members are invited to attend a publishing workshop where they can get great ideas and advice to help them compile a manuscript.

We will welcome M. Scott Douglass, Publisher and Managing Editor of Main Street Rag Publishing Company. The company has been publishing a print magazine, Main Street Rag, which features poetry, short fiction, photography and graphic images, essays, commentary; and it publishes poetry collections through an annual chapbook contest as well as The Main Street Rag Poetry Award for full-length collections.

The publishing workshop will focus on:
·    Strengthening poems for submission.
·    How to compile a manuscript.
·    Process of publishing.
·    Artwork (e.g., cover, interior).
·    Royalties, payment, etc.

Learn more about Main Street Rag Publishing Company, its submission guidelines, current books for sale, contest details and more on its website:

Publishing Workshop Details

WHERE: Bexley Public Library
        2411 E. Main Street
        Columbus, OH 43209

WHEN: Thursday, April 26
        6:30–8:30 P.M.

OPA March Quarterly Meeting will feature the Greenville Poets

March 17th 2012, the Ohio Poetry Association welcomes one of the most successful poetry groups in Ohio—the Greenville Poets.

This group of award-winning writers from southwestern Ohio has published 12 books of poems, including Heartwood, by Miriam Vermilya, which was published posthumously and nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. The work of the Greenville Poets appears in the top tier of literary magazines, including Poetry, Ploughshares, TriQuarterly, and New England Review. They meet regularly to critique manuscripts and to support each other in efforts to publish their work. They also give readings, conduct workshops, and encourage young writers who might also want to form their own writing groups.

For the March OPA meeting, Greenville Poets members Cathy Essinger, Myrna Stone, and Belinda Rismiller will discuss the longevity of their group, analyze how some of their poems and books made it into print, and conduct a “roundtable critique” of OPA member poems. OPA members are encouraged to bring several copies of a poem they are willing to share with the group.

This will be a great opportunity for OPA members to work with their peers and improve their craft.

For more information about the Greenville Poets, visit the group’s website:

Quarterly Meeting Details:

Bexley Public Library
2411 E. Main Street
Columbus, OH 43209

Saturday, March 17

        OPA Business Meeting    10:00–11:30 A.M.
        Open Mic                         11:30 A.M.–12:00 P.M.
        Lunch Break                    12:00–1:00 P.M.
        Greenville Poets Workshop    1–4:00 P.M.