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2012 OPA Student Contest Winners

This year's high school winners are in, and they are an amazing set.

1. Whoppers, spons. by Springfield Writers Club:
1st - Griff Bludworth, Purcell Marian HS
2nd - Lou Suer, Purcell Marian HS
3rd - Mike Gilb, Purcell Marian HS
HM - Eloydia Garza, Ashley Billings, Benjamin Perlmutter, Faymiette Lee, Matthew Troemner – Sylvania Southview HS; Rachel Hunt, Megan Hustmyer, Dustin Joosten – Purcell Marian HS.

2. Fantasy, spons. by Catherine Callaghan:
1st - Mike Gilb, Purcell Marian HS
2nd - Griff Bludworth, Purcell Marian HS
3rd - Rachel Hunt, Purcell Marian HS
HM - Elijah Davis, Purcell Marian HS

3. Jailhouse Talk, spons by Laura Hilton Memorial Fund:
1st - Megan Hustmyer, Purcell Marian HS
2nd - Mike Gilb, Purcell Marian HS
3rd - Sheila Shahri, Sylvania Southview HS
HM - Brandon Sinram, Scott Gaither, Jessica Miksanek, Smitri Gupta, Niket Parikh, Mackenzie Pickering, & Faymiette Lee – Sylvania Southview HS; Cassandra Feher – Steubenville Catholic Central HS

4. Free Verse, spons. by Janeen Lepp:
1st - Michelle Ki, Sylvania Southview HS
2nd - Lou Suer, Purcell Marian HS
3rd - Emily Ann Addair, Briggs HS
HM - Ginny Gadzinski, Elizabeth Spidel, Sara Dye, & Taylor Turner – Lynchburg Clay; Rachel Hunt, Mike Gilb, Griff Bludworth, & Dustin Joosten – Purcell Marian; Mackenzie Pickering – Sylvania Southview HS

5. Nature, spons. by Bill Reyer:
1st - Dustin Joosten, Purcell Marian HS
2nd - Mike Gilb, Purcell Marian HS
3rd - Griff Bludworth, Purcell Marian HS
HM - Taylor Zaborski, Sylvania; Aaron Jakes, Sylvania

6. Brevity is the Soul of Wit, spons. by Mary Beth Benecke:
1st - Alexis Howard, Sylvania Southview HS
2nd - Ari Lopez, Sylvania Southview HS
3rd - Nadejda Mirochnitchenko, Sylvania Southview HS
HM - Kirsten Kueser & Sheila Shahri – Sylvania Southview HS; Brianna Ross, Purcell Marian HS

7. Formal Poetry, spons. by Scott & Sharon Mooney:
1st - Eloydia Garza, Sylvania Southview HS
2nd - Michael Siedlecki, Sylvania Southview HS
3rd - Griff Bludworth, Purcell Marian HS
HM - Mackenzie Pickering & Nadejda Mirochnitchenko – Sylvania Southview HS; Lou Suer – Purcell Marian HS

8. Open, spons. by David Francis Smith:
1st & Grand Prize - Erica Sallee, Briggs HS
2nd - Griff Bludworth Purcell Marian HS
3rd - Myrial Holbrook, Columbus School for Girls
HM - Brittany Spaeth – Lynchburg Clay HS; Clement Dupuy – Sylvania Southview HS; Mike Gilb & Rachel Hunt, Purcell Marian HS


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