Monday, April 4, 2011

Carolina Quarterly Call for Submissions


The literary icebreaker:
"Hey, I'm Bill. I'm a poet."
"Nice to meet you, Bill. I'm Rachel. I'm a fiction writer."


The editors of The Carolina Quarterly have grown weary of such small talk. Yearning for a post-genre world, we seek writing that cannot be described in an elevator talk, and yet could be delivered in one. Thus, we are unveiling an experiment in Show, Don't Tell.

The Riding a Gradient Invisible Contest

Send us your poetic flash fiction, your flashy prose poetry, your twitter operetta, your post-pre-neo-un-oeuvre by June 1st to be considered for publication. No more than 500 words per experiment. We'll give you up to 4 shots per person to get our attention. No cover letters. Please, no cover letters. (Unless they constitute the entry.)

The first-place winner will receive $300. Two runners-up will receive $75. All winners will be published in an upcoming issue and featured in our online edition.

Contest entry fee is $9 -- or free with a one-year subscription to the Quarterly.

Contest judge to be announced. Probably someone super famous.

To submit, go here:

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