Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Upcoming Events in Columbus Area

Facing Fate, Finding a Destiny
An evening presentation with author, mythologist and storyteller Michael Meade
Wednesday, May 11 ~ 7pm
Temple Beth Shalom - 5089 Johnstown Rd ~ New Albany, OH

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According to ancient myths, each soul makes two agreements upon entering the world. The First Agreement binds the individual to a distinct destiny that becomes each soul’s great project in life. The second level of agreement entangles each person in specific limitations of fate, in family issues, and in the immediate dramas of culture. Whereas all second agreements can be renegotiated, the First Agreement of one’s soul is non-negotiable.

At the same time, if a person doesn’t face their fate, they may never find their deepest resources and their natural gifts. Facing fate and risking destiny are the two great adventures that the soul must undertake if we are to become who we are intended to be in the world.

Join us for a surprising evening of poetry, stories and discussion—an exploration of identity and meaning, of purpose and passion, of wisdom and love.


The Initiated Soul, The Awakened Self
An intensive workshop with author, mythologist and storyteller Michael Meade
Saturday, May 14 ~ 9:30 am - 5:30 pm

Greystone Hall ~ 103 S. High St., Akron, OH

Proceeds support Voices of Youth and Intercultural Projects

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The story written on the walls of the soul is intended to be lived out as the great experiment of each life. The exact medicines for healing are carried inside the individual, waiting to be revealed though life-changing events that initiate the soul and awaken the deep self within. When lived consciously the struggles in life open pathways to the center of the self where purpose waits to be found, where vitality can ever be renewed.

Threads of genius and purpose are woven within everyone but only become evident after some ordeal occurs or where something creative is attempted. Each major event in life asks the question: Will you become a bigger person or grow smaller now? The opus of the soul requires that we repeatedly climb the ladder of learning and descend to the depths of love.

In this event we will separate the self’s vital story and creative calling from the corpse of the past. We will consider “unfinished initiations” and the sacred path of knowledge and love hidden within our lives.

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